How to Make a Puppy cut hair style on Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Cut Hairstyle

Yorkshire terrier happens to be my most frequent guest at the salon. Most groomers will notice that I am a self-taught groomer. There are many Pro Groomers whose work is truly breathtaking. Their techniques are unique and reaching that level takes a lot of practice and hard work. Anyway here are beginner tips to trim a puppy cut.

What is a Puppy cut hair style

The idea of this style is to be practical and make your dog look cool. The puppy cut is a perfect style for a matted Yorkshire terrier because groomer manages to get rid of tangles easily and has more time and energy to work really hard on the head and face. After brushing the face properly, it is possible to reach a nice round look. It’s better to blend the head and body and make the dog look like in puppyhood (almost the same length coat everywhere).

The technique I use for a puppy cut

Use clipper blade 30, with comb 2 or 3 (7F if matted) trim off all the hair from the body of the dog. Start from the neck and stop when you reach the beginning of its tail. Don’t press a clipper on the back of a dog too much, make sure it touches the skin and you know where you are going (Clipper sometimes blades get very hot and using a comb on it protects the skin). Hold a clipper as if you are holding a pen and want to draw something nice. Clip dogs back, chest, the upper part of the belly and upper parts of legs.

Yorkshire terrier body clip

Now take blade 10 and trim Sanitary places (like legs from inside, belly, under the tail, ear tips) of your Yorkshire terrier. When all the above is done, we go to the fun part. Maybe scissoring is a bit risky for a beginner groomer, that’s why I asked my assistant to practice by trimming paws, trimming poodles for a bit before clipping them short. Watch video lessons to get used to holding and using scissors well. You need to comb legs and trim hair from all four sides.

To make fine puppy cut look on a Yorkshire terrier, its legs and face should not be left very long. Use Thinning shear to blend in. Scissors might leave sharp edges on the face or legs of a dog, so thinning shear makes haircut look fluffier and a bit messy.

Grooming equipment to use

Obtain a Clipper and scissors. There are numerous choices, with low noise or no noise, big clippers or small ones. Better to make a little research and decide which is best for you.

Usage of tools listed above:

  • Scissors with blunt edges – legs, face, ear tips, tail
  • Clipper – sanitary trim, Blade 10 or 15 (Belly, paws, under the tail, ear tips)
  • Clipper – body trim, Blade 7F (if matted), 30 (insert on a blade any comb you would like to)
  • Slicker brush – brush before trimming
  • Stainless steel comb – to make sure you didn’t leave tangles

Equipment size guide

  • Clipper Blade: 30 and 10
  • clipper combs: I use number 1, 2, 3 size combs mostly
  • For Matted dog: clipper blade 7F
  • For sanitary trimming: Clipper Blade 10
  • Curved Scissor: 8 inches (20 cm)
  • Straight scissors: 8 inches (20 cm)
  • Thinning shear: 8 inches (20 cm)

General tips you need to know

Most important what you need to think about is never scratch or hurt a dog. If you are a beginner or owner who has never trimmed a dog before, just take small steps. Try to do sanitary trimming first. Do it many times and always work slowly. Make sure that dog stands still, maybe ask someone to help you.

Please note: if a dog is very matted, better to visit a professional. You can accidentally cut the skin. There are cases when it is hard to decide where to start clipping from because you can’t manage to cut through all that matted hair.

Useful puppy cut grooming guide video:


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