How to Bathe a Dog at Home

Tips for self serve dog wash

Pomeranian Spitz Bobo in a Towel after Bath
Pomeranian Spitz Bobo after bath

Back in childhood I always thought bathing our dog was a true journey because we had a big boxer and a small bathtub. I would like to give tips for beginner groomers and owners who would like to easily bath their buddies at home. Which shampoo to use, how to apply it correctly and some other tips you might find useful.

What to start with

First, make sure your dog feels comfortable. Dogs love water, the only thing you should do is to be gentle, first bathing is important. If you scare him/her or be rude and rush things up, every next bathing will be a true nightmare for both of you. Make sure your buddy enjoys this new experience, pet him all the time, and tell some nice stuff like GOOD BOY! GOOD JOB! Do not make his head wet first. Start with legs and do not rush, give your buddy some time to process what is going on.

Choose correct shampoo

Owners mostly ask me how often should they bath their dog, or which shampoo to use. I prefer BIO shampoos because of my attitude towards chemical stuff. I honestly prefer everything that is natural and grows out from earth. I only use BIO shampoos at work and recommend them to everyone who wants to hear my point of view. I had experienced no inconveniences like allergies or skin irritation so far. One more thing you should make sure is to use a shampoo suitable for your dog, according to its age, breed and fur type. If you want to avoid any dermatological problems and want your dog to have a nice, shiny and healthy coat, choose the correct shampoo.

How to act?

Check the water temperature. Make sure it is not too hot or too cold. Start by washing legs and move up to other parts slowly. Water should not get in ears. If it still does, clean them later. To avoid this, you can use earplugs or make sure you fold his/her ears with one hand and pour the water with another. Soak ears can cause trouble so better to be on the safe side and leave the ears dry as much as possible.

What about the eyes?

Once I met a Yorkshire terrier whose owner bathed him with a regular human shampoo, this led to an allergic reaction, dogs eyes got red, irritated and itchy. Never use stuff, not for dogs. Allergy is something unpredictable, so I would strongly recommend listening what your groomer or vet suggests. White dogs are more allergic. To avoid eye irritation you can always get a shampoo that is hypoallergenic.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

Bathing routine mostly depends on the activity level of your dog, the breed, the environment, and shampoo.

When I am asked about this, I always ask questions back. If a dog is active, lives in a yard, has a regular fur, then frequent bathing is all right. Every dog differs so the best way to figure how often to bathe him, is to observe, how do his skin and coat react on frequent bathing. It is easy to make a nice bathing schedule, the only thing you have to do is to consult professionals and observe.

Wet Cocker-Spaniel Dog in a Towel after bath
Wet Cocker-Spaniel

I sincerely hope that these suggestions about dog bathing will be helpful. Dogs are naïve at some point, so if you prove to them that bathing is a remarkable experience they will believe you.


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