How Dog Grooming Business Pays My Tuition Fee

Grooming Pays Tutition fee

Choosing what to do in life is very hard and you can easily get mistaken. Have you ever experienced the feeling that something is wrong with your life? For me, it was the field of studying that needed a change. This is how the story begins.

Changing Profession

After changing major to Veterinary Medicine, I lost a scholarship. It meant that the upcoming 3-year tuition fee was no longer covered. My husband came up with an idea to open our own grooming salon. I had a three-year experience of working as a dog groomer. Time taught me how to handle aggressive dogs and communicate with customers, how to bathe, clip, trim, hand strip, and groom dogs. We both realized techniques learned from the videos were not enough but giving up on studies was not an option. Taking a risk was more fascinating, at least we would have a story to tell. It’s been two years since that day and I am still a veterinary student.

First Georgian Grooming Salon Mkhiaruli Tatebi
Our Grooming Salon “Happy Paws”

Dog Grooming Salon

Tiny budget and huge enthusiasm were all we had. Crafting a company was fascinating. Despite opinions that dog grooming salon would never cover our fees, we still kept working, and the outcome was satisfying. After a while, customers’ interest to dog grooming grew up, which led to opening more dog grooming salons in the town. It might sound weird for people, how can anyone enjoy clipping a dog for hours, but only dog groomer knows how it feels to see owners’ excited expression when they see your work. I catch myself scissoring like crazy to reach that perfect fluffy look on a poodle or doodle. Dog grooming is a competitive field you know! Now the dog salon pays my tuition fee. It is hard, but possible to work and study simultaneously. Overworking is my main issue because I still need to work on better time management. The last week of the semester feels like a light at the end of the tunnel. But when you get here, it feels great.

For me grooming a dog is like sketching or crafting something cool. It feels so great when something you truly enjoy doing, can cover your fees.


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